Its our fault that we can’t hear him

26 09 2006

Why is silence so hard to deal with?

Why is it so much easier for us to live our lives with a lot of things going on all the time than to just be in silence?

We’re constantly surrounded with “voices” that are influencing us on how to think, feel, and behave. Movies, music, TV, Internet, cell phones, and a never-ending barrage of advertising. There’s always something going on. Always noise in our lives. But maybe there’s a connection between the amount of noise in our lives and our inability to hear God. If God sometimes feels distant to us, maybe it’s not because he’s not talking to us, but simply because we aren’t really listening.

I was reading about this guy name Bernie Krause, who records nature sounds for films and televisions. He was saying that, in 1968, in order to get one hour of nature sound, like no aeroplane no cars, it would take him 15 hours of recording time. And he was saying that today to get that same one hour of undisturbed sound, it takes him 2000 hours of recording time.

Why is silence so hard to deal with?

Did you know that 183 million people are regularly exposed to noise levels labeled as excessive by theEnvironmental Protection Agency.

Do you wish God’s voice would be louder in you life? or Does all the noise in our lives makes it hard to hear God?

“Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened and i will give you rest”

Jesus in Matthew 11:28(NIV)

If people are not still, and if they don’t listen, how is Jesus going to give me rest? I mean when was the last time that you spent some time in silence?

“Search your hearts and be silent”

Psalms 4:4(NIV)

Have you spent the same amount of time worrying and talking about your difficult, confusing situations as you have spent in silence, listening to what God might have to say? Are you one of those people that sometimes avoids silence because you are afraid of what God might actually have to say you?

Think about this, I mean is it possible that you have been searching for God in the winds…the earthquakes and the fires… and he’s been waiting to speak to you in the silence?


Meaningless Rituals

25 09 2006

Why do we do the things we do?

Why do we go to church or give money away?

Because we’re supposed to or because we think God needs it? Do we honestly put on our best clothes for an hour once a week, stand and sit at all the right times, and sing all the appropriate songs for God’s sake, or because it’ll make us look better to the world around us? We’re tired of all the empty rituals and routines. And so is God. God hates it when we call ourselves Christians but ignore all the things he really cares about. He hates it when we go through hollow religious routines out of some feeling of duty or obligation. God doesn’t want the meaningless rituals. God wants our hearts.

For years I went to church because “you were suppose to”. “A lot of times I find myself looking and thinking, ‘Is this what god had in mind?'”. People follow this, this path that they show to people as the path of God.

“Jesus said to them, ‘Everything for you is about being seen in public as important people. I mean you love to be looked up to. You love to be respected. You love the best seats where everyone can see you.’ And then Jesus says ‘Everything for you is about appearance. How thing look to the other people?’

“I’ve had it with you! You are hopeless, you religious scholars, you Pharisees!Frauds! Your lives are roadblocks to God’s kingdom. You refuse to enter and won’t let anyone else in either.

Matthew 23:13(MSG)

God says in the book of Isaiah, ‘These people, they honour me with their lips but their hearts are from me.’ I mean does God need us to attend a church service once or twice a week?

“Is church a building? Like a hour once a week? Church is people, People who’s hearts are beating more and more like God’s”.

He give us a meaning to live

25 09 2006

We want to know why we are here. If our lives really matter.

How our religion is relevant to this life. Today. We want to understand what significance this minute, hour, week, month, and year has to our lives.To our world. We need a God who cares about this life, in this world, right now. We want to understand why everything we think, everything we say, and everything we do matters. We don’t want to just sit back and wait for something to happen or someday to come. We want to know if all the choices we make now will shape our world and lives for eternity. Because we want our lives to have meaning today, and our lives today to have meaning forever.
How is it that our world can be filled with such beauty and such order and such good, and the same time be filled with such heartache and such pain?

God says, “You can live how you want, or ‘You can live how I created you to live’. It’s almost as if god says ‘it’s your choice’, it’s still our choice.” Understanding this, people still don’t do it. They understand that the way of life provided by the God is the best way of life but still. Why don’t we do it? Why do we choose a worse life when we are taught from start that he is the way?

W e are told that we’ll actively participate with god in taking care of this world that we find ourselves in. It says there will be peace with each other, but that their will be peace and harmony with God, and in the middle of it all there will be a tree.

We live between the trees, in a world drenched in God. And some people seriously ask, ‘Where is god?’ Maybe a better question be ‘Where isn’t God?’.I mean his fingerprints are all over this world. Or maybe its his world and they are our fingerprints. Followers of Jesus are those who committed to partnering with God to make this world, the world we live in, the kind of place that God originally intended it to be.

‘May you trust Jesus, when he says that death has been taken care of, and that you can live forever with God, and that you’ll never, ever, ever going to stop living. May you believe that death has been taken care of, and you can be a partner with God in redeeming and restoring this fallen, broken, hurting world. That you can be litteraly be a partner with God in making this the kind of place that god originally intended it to be. May you be the knid of person who, when you live this way, the very trees of Paradise are being planted.

Meaning Of Love

25 09 2006

What’s up with the word “love”?

It doesn’t have much meaning when we use it so loosely. Maybe we don’t really get it. Maybe we don’t understand what real love is. What it involves to really love somebody. What it means to give yourself to someone else.

We mistake things like friendship, commitment, or lust for love, but God wired us a certain way to experience all that love was really meant to be. Not to hold us back or to make us miss out on the best that life has to offer. God created love, and wants us to feel it all in the way it’s meant to be felt.

‘Love is patient, love is kind and not jealous, love does not brag and is not arrogant, does not act unbecomingly; it does not seek of its own, is not provoked, does not take into account a wrong suffered, does not rejoice in unrighteousness, but rejoices with the truth; bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things. Love never fails.’

1 Corinthians 13:4-8 (NASB)

He knows you need help

25 09 2006

Things don’t always work out the way we want them to, or the way we think they will. Sometimes we don’t even see it coming. We get hit with some form of pain out of nowhere leaving us feeling desperate and helpless.

That’s the way life is.

Still, it makes us wonder how God can let these things happen to us. How God can just stand by and watch us suffer. Where is God when it really hurts? Maybe God is actually closer to us than we think. Maybe it’s when we’re in these situations, where everything seems to be falling apart, that God gets an opportunity to remind us of how much he really loves us. He knows that you are in pain and he gives you courage to go through the tough times.

God says these amazing things like, “When you cry out to me, I listen”. I mean he even says, “I cannot ignore the cries of those who are afflicted”. The Psalms speak over and over about crying. About Crying out to god.

People still don’t understand. There is a false, and a twisted idea among the religious people that somehow you have to have it all together to have a relationship with god. NO. Why do we do this? I mean god says to us, ‘When you come to me, come to me with all your junk, come to me with all your problems, come to me all screwed up, all messed up, and let me take care of it’.

Ask yourself this question: When you are going through a really hard times and everything seems so…hopeless do you still trust that God knows the way and that you are going to make it?

“May you, when soaking wet, lost, hurting, and confused, may you cry out and may the creator of the universe take you out of your pack, may he hold you tight up against his chest, may he wrap his internal loving arms arms around you, and may you hear him whisper…

I love you”