He give us a meaning to live

25 09 2006

We want to know why we are here. If our lives really matter.

How our religion is relevant to this life. Today. We want to understand what significance this minute, hour, week, month, and year has to our lives.To our world. We need a God who cares about this life, in this world, right now. We want to understand why everything we think, everything we say, and everything we do matters. We don’t want to just sit back and wait for something to happen or someday to come. We want to know if all the choices we make now will shape our world and lives for eternity. Because we want our lives to have meaning today, and our lives today to have meaning forever.
How is it that our world can be filled with such beauty and such order and such good, and the same time be filled with such heartache and such pain?

God says, “You can live how you want, or ‘You can live how I created you to live’. It’s almost as if god says ‘it’s your choice’, it’s still our choice.” Understanding this, people still don’t do it. They understand that the way of life provided by the God is the best way of life but still. Why don’t we do it? Why do we choose a worse life when we are taught from start that he is the way?

W e are told that we’ll actively participate with god in taking care of this world that we find ourselves in. It says there will be peace with each other, but that their will be peace and harmony with God, and in the middle of it all there will be a tree.

We live between the trees, in a world drenched in God. And some people seriously ask, ‘Where is god?’ Maybe a better question be ‘Where isn’t God?’.I mean his fingerprints are all over this world. Or maybe its his world and they are our fingerprints. Followers of Jesus are those who committed to partnering with God to make this world, the world we live in, the kind of place that God originally intended it to be.

‘May you trust Jesus, when he says that death has been taken care of, and that you can live forever with God, and that you’ll never, ever, ever going to stop living. May you believe that death has been taken care of, and you can be a partner with God in redeeming and restoring this fallen, broken, hurting world. That you can be litteraly be a partner with God in making this the kind of place that god originally intended it to be. May you be the knid of person who, when you live this way, the very trees of Paradise are being planted.




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27 09 2006

once again (as I stated on your other blog), I find it ironically contradictory that here you have said that God is everywhere. That is in writing on this blog. In this entry, in fact. However, on your other blog you have written, and i quote;
“comment my views on some of the most anoying things that occure in this god forsaken world of ours. Thank you. Good bye”

Now it seems to me that the contradiction not only seeps into the general overview of each blog, but pours itself into the literal meaning of the text of each blog. One says that God is everywhere, the other says God has fosaken this entire world. Forgive me for being cynical, but it hardly makes EITHER blog seem in any way credible.
Now don’t get me wrong, I respect that you have every right to do what you are doing, and quike frankly I agree that somewhere out there is a God, but it is hard to take what you are saying seriously when there are so many particularly obvious and fatal flaws in your writing. And beyond this, recognise that this is YOUR opinion. Do not get angry at others that present a different, even opposing, opinion. That is their right. And don’t Try to tell me that you aren’t angry. You told me today at school that it made you angry.

27 09 2006

1.Tom when i “god forsaken world of ours” i don’t mean that there is no god in this world, i mean that in this modern age we are not following the ways that he wants us to follow, and if in any way, and if did mean that, then you are right i’m contradicting myself, but that’s comes with my human nature, it is in you tom to find such minor flaw in my writing, but that’s who we are, we are humans. And as for the writing, god hasn’t forsaken us.
2.You probably didn’t hear me rights this morning, not your fault i was speaking quickly. I was saying that “i would prefer having 1 person agree with me compared to 12 disagree” and yes i did point out that i was angry but not at someone’s opinion like if u go through the comments some guy name BOB completly disagreed with me at start but now he’s starting to get the feel of my thoughts, i was angry at him not because he questioned my believes but because he didn’t show what he believes. As you go on he actually tells me that he’s a muslim and asks me that who is right.
And also again i mean of course i’am going to be angry, i’m not perfect, i’m not the LORD.
Keep in touch and keep reading
Thatnk you

27 09 2006

Bitu, when you said God forsaken world of ours, you said God forsaken world of ours. What that means literally is that God has forsaken us. That is what you said and you cannot really mean anything other than the literal translation of the word, because then you would not be saying those words, you would be saying different ones.And if you meant it, as you said, you did contradict yourself. That is all there is to it. But for the record. Do not try to prove me wrong by saying I was right. Doesn’t work that way.
In relation to whether or not I heard you, you have openly just admitted that you WERE, in fact, angry, so I heard you correctly. I did not mis-hear. Quite frankly i don’t really care what else you said because it is unrelated to your anger at other peoples opinions. But this I can say. How can you think it’s ok for you to preach your opinion so strongly, and get angry at people for either not agreeing with you or not immediately accepting that you are right and following God. If you actually read the bible im sure you will find somewhere in there that to follow God’s word you should be, as he was, accepting. This means that you do not go round trying to convert. People are the way they are, you said that yourself. SO STOP TRYING TO CHANGE THAT. Keep in mind Bitu, this is all MY opinion. I am in no way forcing this upon you, I’m not even asking you to agree.
So from what i have gathered, everything I originally said is still correct. Therefore your “counter-post” was totally useless. I will ask you one favour. LEARN WHAT CHRISTIANITY IS BEFORE PREACHING IT. I don’t pretend to know it, but i don’t preach it either. I do know, however, that christianity isn’t blind. From what I am reading and from what I am hearing, you have somehow been blinded.

27 09 2006

so ima muslim now. you powers of decuction are astounding. i merely myt opinion. i could be jewsih, baptist, catholic or superman. but i wont repeat it or make another one because you may get confused and miss out on my ohter allready valid points allready on this “blog”

27 09 2006

dear bob can u re-type that whole post again. I didnot understand a thing

27 09 2006

This for tom.
Tom mate, I hope after all of this we’re still good. Also my post wasn’t ‘counter’ it was a mere declaration that I”M worng and i’m sorry. That is why the other blog”www.utt….” has been deleted.Also i was not trying to prove you wrong by saing ‘you’re right’, i was hacking it that i’m wrong. Also that i’m not trying to preach, i’m tring to blog my opionion which basically brings us to the point, “Why am i getting angry at other people’s comments”. Well here it is: For Jill’s I msged here saying sorry that i attacked here. When i said “How dare U”, I actuallly meant “we” as human. And as you notice(this post) i respect your opninon completely. And I will be more ‘accepting’.And for the final part you have been christian all your life, i’ve for 1.5 years. and again i’m not clearly trying to preach just blogging. And I don’t think I’m blind just rude and not hacking. And as for “LEARN…” I’m slowly but i’m. I hope we’re all good but still doesn’t mean that when you say something against me i’m still rebuttling oright. Respectively and through ‘Accpectance’ but still rebuttling

keep in touch and keep reading

P.S.If this answers your question BOB then don’t bother re-typing

28 09 2006

The first paragraph is a perfect example of WHY people believe in a god, that is with out one they feel lost, confused and powerless. This exract in particular:

“We want to understand why everything we think, everything we say, and everything we do matters. We don’t want to just sit back and wait for something to happen or someday to come. We want to know if all the choices we make now will shape our world and lives for eternity. Because we want our lives to have meaning today, and our lives today to have meaning forever.”

Exactly. This is what we want, but we can’t have it. We DON’T want to feel like we have no answers, we DON’T want to feel like WE are responsible for anything, we DON’T want to feel like we are just another meaningless species existing in a infinite universe, we DON’T want to feel helpless and have no answers. So what do we do?

Create God.

I also find it ironic when Christians complain about evil. God created all- God created evil. God is omnipotent, so God has the power to relieve evil. God is responsible for all miracles, success and luck, yet pain, misery and evil is not his fault.

Gos is both omnipotent and powerless.

28 09 2006

yes! this is so true. ive talked to many “christians” at church, everywhere and alot of people admit to this. why do u believe? because if i dont then i dont see any sort of meaning, purpose to life.

so humans create one. jsut to make themselves feel nice. how selfish.

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