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4 10 2006

Hey guys, On your right If you go down, You’ll find a category box. In that you’ll notice that a new category has been added “Scientific”. This will contain all scientific articles too suport that God exists.

Below is the first article, It’s Long, but i put a lot of research on this so it should really intresting. I put this first one in homepage aka Uncategorised so you can see where to go. From now on all scientific articles will be in “Scientific” category and all bible relational one’s will be on the homepage

Thanx guys. Cya




One response

4 10 2006

As I said in the other blog.

Do you really wanna play science?

At best any ‘scince’ you will be able to dish out is a science of attempting to disprove science thus creating a God. The logic in taht is flawed, and while it may appear to you to ‘prove’ God, it- at the VERY BEST- implies taht there is A god. Not neccassarilly YOURS

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