The string theory and miracles

4 10 2006

According to the string theory, the whole universe (called the “bulk universe“) has 11 dimensions – 10 dimensions of space and one dimension of time. The reason why we experience only three dimensions of space is because we are confined in a sub-universe called the “braneworld“. In physics, a dimension can be considered as a “degree of freedom”. Living in a world with more dimensions should have more degrees of freedom, and thus more powerful. This can be illustrated by the following figure.

Suppose there is a creature confined on this web page (a two dimensional world), then he cannot enter the red square from outside without crossing the red lines. However, for us living in the three dimensional world, we can reach inside of the square from the direction perpendicular to the web page. Similarly, for a creature living in the higher dimensional world than our 3D world, he can enter into our house without the need to open the door. He can even reach our internal organs without cutting the skin. This is hard to visualize with our brain, but it can be shown from the geometry developed by Bernhard Riemann in 1854.

Our braneworld is embedded in the higher dimensional bulk universe, similar to a computer screen in our house. If God is some intelligent life living in the bulk universe, He should be far more powerful than us, because He has more degrees of freedom. He can access our internal organs from other directions that are invisible to us. Therefore, He has the power to remove lung tumors without cutting the skin. He could influence our decision making by altering the neurotransmitter release at the junction (synapse) between neurons.

Although God could perform all kinds of miracles, it seems that He does not intend to do things that obviously break the physical laws of our braneworld. We never saw a chair fly by itself or a sofa suddenly disappear. If this happens, our scientific foundation would be in trouble. Then, what kind of miracles would God do?

Our physical laws do not fix all future courses. Many phenomena are probabilistic, rather than deterministic. For example, meteorologists can predict weather only with certain probability. The genes of a child cannot be completely determined from the genes of his or her parents. “To be or not to be” is determined by the neurotransmitter release which is also probabilistic.

God may perform miracles by manipulating the probability allowed by physical laws.

Many people became God’s believers after surviving from a serious illness or a severe car accident. Other God’s believers may encounter some kind of “coincidence” that saved their lives or made their lives better. They believed those rare events were the miracles from God, but atheists thought these people were just lucky.

Are we just lucky to have millions of goldilocks conditions that made life possible on the Earth? If the Earth is a little of bit closer or farther from the Sun, its surface temperature would be too hot or too cold for the existence of life. Its atmospheric gases also have the just-right combination so that they can block most harmful radiation from the Sun while allowing visible light to pass through. The location of our solar system in the Milky Way Galaxy is also just right. If it were close to the galactic center, it would expose to significant amount of harmful radiation from other stars. If too far away, the Sun would not have enough “metals” (defined by astronomers as the elements heavier than helium) for the creation of planets. Theists believe these fine-tunings are the intelligent design by God, but atheists think we are just lucky: our universe contains billions of stars and planets, each having different characteristics; our Sun and Earth just happened to possess all of the right characteristics.

Now, consider the fine-tuning of physical constants. If the electromagnetic force were 4 percent weaker, there would be no hydrogen atom. If protons were 0.2 percent heavier, they could decay into neutrons and the atom would fall apart. The strong nuclear force must be tuned to within 1%, otherwise carbon cannot be formed. The weak nuclear force must also be tuned to a narrow range in order to produce heavy elements. To explain these fine-tunings, atheistic scientists assume that the whole universe (bulk universe) may contain almost infinite number of sub-universes (braneworlds), each having a different set of physical constants. Our braneworld just happened to have the right physical constants.

What a great coincidence!

Let us consider the following scenario:

Long before the existence of our braneworld, a spirit world appeared in the bulk universe. The intelligent life (God) in this spirit world created our braneworld.

This scenario raises a question: if God created us, who created God? how did the spirit world come to exist? A scientific answer to this question is given in the next article.




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4 10 2006

this stupidly long post deserves a similar stupidly lond reply. please read. ther will be no more from me.

this happens to be some of the dumbest shit ive heard of since i was 1 week old. goddam. there is no string theory THERE are HUNDREDS. they arent correct, they are ideas some people put up into place to try to create a universal theory to explain shit. to link the four fundamental forces together.

perhaps the reason why everything works in this universe is becasue in all the other universes it doesnt. try throwing a rock at someones face. you dont hit all the time, you miss, then eventually you will hit. maybe thats similar to the universe. but u know what I DONT KNOW.
oh and if god created everything, wheres the other races? and why arent all out solar system planets full of life? no wait. only god knows. sorry.

but whats more important I DONT TRY TO FOOL people into believing a certain thing because it sounds nice or u like the rewards it brings you or becasue you eat curry.

and nice one. i posed the question if God created us, who created God? so u posed the same question back “if God created us, who created God?”
a HUUUGE post to say not one fucking thing.
nice answer ill rememebr that. and why is it that u must try to use logic to explain things that u can explain, yet when an unansweable question appears, god doesnt need to uphold to our current principles (physics, logic, bad breath). HOW CONVENIENT. next time im in an exam, and i forget the answer, ill say there is no answer because i determine what must have answers and what musnt. because i am actually god. thanks man ur a life saver.

sadly, this will be my LAST POST EVER on here. similar to other people who detestt his filth. but dont delete this post, otherwise youll get 10,000 more posts exactly like this one for ever and ever. until god comes down, and stops me.

one final thought. if there is a god, which religion does he belong to? why did u change from hindu (watever) to christian? didnt like the previous god? or was it the man made rules and guidleines which you disagreed with, so u changed to a different set of man made guidelines and rules to live by, becasue you felt like it. im sure if there was a god, he wouldnt liek that.

i have plenty of personal expeirences, of people close to me who dedicate their lives to “god” by ignoranlty following a religion, only to die, suffer enourmour grief, live in pain and baggage. why? maybe its the BIGGER PICTURE. nice one
so finally i will say. if there is/was/will be/ a god, then religion isnt the way to find him. perhaps they are mutually exclusive. just think about that. i mean the bible is full of HUNDREDs of contradictions. check this out

GEN 1:25 And God made the beast of the earth after his kind, and cattle after their kind, and every thing that creepeth upon the earth after his kind: and God saw that it was good.
GEN 1:26 And God said, Let us make man in our image, after our likeness: and let them have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over the cattle, and over all the earth, and over every creeping thing that creepeth upon the earth.

GEN 2:18 And the LORD God said, It is not good that the man should be alone; I will make him an help meet for him.
GEN 2:19 And out of the ground the LORD God formed every beast of the field, and every fowl of the air; and brought them unto Adam to see what he would call them: and whatsoever Adam called every living creature, that was the name thereof.

it doenst even know if man came first or animals. how silly

4 10 2006

Ok! This is going to be harsh, but you asked for it
I was respecting your opinion before and trying to answer all your questions in a sensible way. Here are the things that we discussed earlier that you are just doing to contradict yous self and someother flaws FOOL:
1. You swear too much
2. “Eat curry”, I don’t know you dude, and this time i’m allowed to say this, How dare you that on My site talk like that to me you racist moron.
3. You say that my post is “FILTH” when you complelty don’t say anything too either prove me wrong in any sought of way and you are utterly foolish and cannot understand what my superior brain can figure out in 1 hour yours can’t do in 5 billion light years. Sorry if this goes down hard.
4. Have you ever studied any amount of, any type of science, do you EVEn have a Brain. Read you fool before you say anything. TOO SUPPORT in big QUOTATIONS “SUPPORT” my thoughts. Uhh…this happens a lot when try to publish something intresting and some fool like turns up saying it bollocks because I DON”T UNDERSTAND. GET OUT OF MY WEBSITE. I mean do you even understand any thing i have written, Here a simple question to get you started: “What’s an Electron”.
5. You don’t disprove anything by Rock hitting face example……What are you talking about. If even by a measly of a chance are you triing to refer that to Evolution i.e. “trial and error”. It is A HUGE 3.56% of a chance that evolution used TRIAL AND ERROR.
5. I AM NOT TRING TO FOOL ANY ONE. SUPPORT YOU MORON. Our whole newtonian science and einstein science until early 20th century, they were all support, Michelson and morley experiment and einsteins’s thought experiments.
6. Are you blind? I’ll pray if you want, but don’t bag me out saying i din’t appose you, look in the comments where you asked the question. EX NIHILO NIHIL FIT, ring a bell mate.
7.You are uttely CRAP mate. I take it that you aren’t a successfull businessman or a scientist, with your knowledge and i’m assuming, correct me if i’m wrong, in high school.Go sure fail your HSC.
8. Let’s talk about Hindium: REX NAHUT ILL STATNME: meaning DON”T TALK OR JUDGE SOMETHING WHEN YOU DON”T ANYTHING ABOUT IT. I was hindu for a long time, the rule weren’t MAN MADE. The fact that MY BELIEVES WEREN”T SIMILAR To what hinduism belived in made me change. Please do me a favor, don’t ever try to lecture me on how crap my articles.
9.Finally to conclude: When people comment on the blog they normally comment about the article or to say hi, or to congatulate you how good the site is. But when you have to contradict someone you STICK TO THE OPPOSING POINT. My article was scientific: In your COUNTER, 95% are swear words and the use of “NICE ONE”, 5% Is actully relevent to the point i’m making and in the whole comment you use the scientific terms “Universe” and “String theory” to counter my post. Umm.. “NICE ONE”
Basically closing: Your counter did not don anything to my post as it did not any way prove me or my article wrong. It’s funny when you try to build relation between science and GOD and people like you start going “UHH…What is he doing, Science and God don’t go together”Says BOB in a very stupid voice. And as a favor to you I’ll leave this post so people can c how crap your analysis skills are. If you do read this please try to find a comeback which is even a part relevent to the point
P.S. Your quotes don’t say anything, please only quotes from the bible if you understand it

4 10 2006

I was told about the blog by a frind who is friends with author of these blogs and articles
Cool peice of article, I LIKE IT.
Bob, you are an idiot and grow a penis. I can obviously tell that you aren’t good debating because you totally miss the point all the time and yeah, what’s with all the swearing, I swear alot but when someone ASKS to me that please dont swear on my site, i give respect to him and don’t swear. You are shit! and you disgust me and I think you should never write a single word ever in your whole life because you will completely miss the point of writing a word and because of that your mind will go OOOHHH and you’ll screw up and we will have another retard on our planets, not that i hate retards but i fear that you will raise the bar for the amount of retardedness you need to be called a retard, so bascially in a nut shell, I hate you go kill your self using a pickaxe.
P.S. strider1989 i’m sorry for swearing but these kind of people make me throw up

Great article
JACK tuning out

4 10 2006

Hey JACK tuning out
sup, It’s OK! just don’t swear from now on. Posting your opinion to the max.

Keep reading the blog mate
PS I think i know you, this is bitu

4 10 2006

my day is made complete

4 10 2006

Bitu- way to long.

I didn’t read it all.

Jack- Snap on the penis call. You wisdom and wit is rivialed by no-one. I’m in awe!

Ok- although I didn’t read the whol thing I thought this was worth a look:

“String theory remains to be verified. No version of string theory has yet made an experimentally verifiable prediction that differs from those made by other theories. In this sense, string theory is still in a “larval stage”: it is not a proper physical theory. It possesses many features of mathematical interest and may yet become important in our understanding of the universe, but it requires further developments before it is accepted or discarded. Since string theory may not be tested in the foreseeable future, some scientists have asked if it even deserves to be called a scientific theory: it is not falsifiable in the sense of Popper.”

Ok furthermore don’t play the science card. ‘Cause you KNOW we will win EVERY TIME. If you wanna play science then let us play. But I suggest you don’t open taht pandora’s box.

4 10 2006

why not madison, When I’m arguing with you that god actuallyy exists, and i think he does, I’m presumming that he exists, I haven’t seen him, He hasn’t been “EXPERIMENTALLY VERFIED” has he, but I and 93% of the whole world still believes in him. Also lets line up some facts: Sting theory is at the moment has 89% chance of being liable because of facts of big bang that has been found at CERN in sweden. If you don’t know what CERN is, It’s a basically a particle accelerator. How can you say that science will win, When i’m using science to assisst in in proving that GOD exists.
Madison i clearly stated in the aticle before that the scientific article is long, but who still chose to read it, You told me earlier to get my fact right, why don’t you actually read the whole article and the story behind why string theory relates to God existing
Common courtesy when someone asks to read it, you don’t just read half of it and then say there are flaws “HERE AND HERE AND OH! also here”.

Thanx for reading PART of the blog,
Keep reading

22 12 2006
The Blacksheep

See what God can do@

8 05 2007
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20 11 2007
jhun Oliva

It’s nice to have this site to understand more the existence of GOD. By the way I am a philosophy student and I am trying to search the truth about everything not only in a logical manner nor by using reason, but i want the reality or factual. I assure that God exist not just by faith and reason. But in a scientific way God really IS, because human is just a product of matter, we are thinking in a physical way, because of our capacity as rational being. Only human are capable of thinking, but it is limited by the fact that we are just an integral part of the universe. It is not really a scientific explanation, because im not a scientist, but common sense dictates that our capacity to know everything is limited. Either we accept it or not it is the reality that we dont have the capacity to know everything. Even though you are the most intellegent person in the world you cannot know everything. Every person has it’s own weaknesses if you do not accept you weakness that is you weakness.

20 11 2007
jhun Oliva

Therefore, God exist not just the gods of religion as an object of prayer, but a true God who can niether be decieve nor be decieved. God is within us, He is everywhere, but is unobservable by our senses or by other scientific instruments. Common sense dictates that It does not mean that if God is unobservable God does not exist. Wether you are a believer or not GOD exist because God is not only concern with you He is a God of all.

3 01 2008


First of all let me say that it’s great to ask and search those questions. I don’t really agree with your overall point. Yes, we are an integral part of the universe we live in. Hence we are able to learn as much as we can about our universe. Beyond that is highly unlikely. But with in our universe, we are highly likely to be able to study and learn as much as we can about it. We are limited in our capacity, not really, many men before us have and still in present exist that by staying in their homes have made discoveries about our world around us that others thought were impossible. Whether you go back thousands of years to the great Mathematician Euclides or even the great mathematician of current time, Stephen Hawkins, Humans greatest power is their curiosity. The reason behind one single word “WHY”. The single and probably the most brilliant word in the language english will see out that humans will discover anything.

I believe in ‘A’ god, hence all the articles, but I don’t know what he is or what . And really tell you the truth I don’t want anyone to tell me either. It’s like a plot breaker. It’s much more fun finding out on your own. And well, being Unobserved by scientific instruments, we’ll see about that.

1 02 2008
jhun oliva

thank you for your comment, i agree that we have the capacity to learn, but our capacity is not suitable to the vastness of the universe whether we accept it or not it is the fact. Your point of view that you believe because of articles,dogma, and other teaching I really do not agree because God is not the object of study nor object of prayer rather God is a subject of what we experience, because is in our innermost self. Can you imagine the vastness of the universe also yourself like that, in searching the meaning of life depend on our capacity you cannot do anything you want. And from the imperfection of the world you can arrived to the supreme being which is God based from daily experience.

thank you

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