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Are you really real, Lord

By Julie Ouellette

Then Moses answered,
But behold, they will not
believe me or listen to my voice,
for they will say,
The Lord did not appear to you.
[Exodus 4:5]
“Hey, Lord?”




“Lord, did You really
make the Red Sea part?”

“Why do you ask, child?”

“I was just thinking…….maybe
it was just a really breezy day.
And, like, all the waves
were being tossed about.
You know; maybe it was somethin’
like that.”



“Why, child?”

“Why what?
Oh. You mean, why am I thinking
about the Red Sea?
Just cuz.”

“Cuz’ why.”

“Well, yeah. I was just…..eh,
You know, thinking.”

“Go on, child.”

“Well, Lord; how do we all
know if You are, like, really REAL?
There are some atheists in the
world, You know.”

“Ah; I see.”

“See what?”


“Well yeah, Lord. I’ve been
questioning You, today. So what?
I’m allowed!”

“Why today, child?”

“Hm. I guess because of all
the…..stuff happening, Lord.
I’m just not, eh, feeling Your
Presence very strongly, today.
That’s all.”

“That is all?”

“Yeah. So? So what?
I mean, there are some very
educated, and…..savvy people
who don’t believe in You, Lord.”

“Are you savvy, child?”

“No; not me, Lord. No
one has ever call me savvy,
or successful, Lord.
I’m more of the bumbling,
stumbling about sort. I
guess I’ve always needed
somebody to depend on.”

“And who is it now, child?”

“Well, I guess I was, like,
sort of hoping It might
be You, Lord.”


“But, then, You know;
I hear about these other, eh,
more successful people, who
don’t believe in You, at all.
And, I look at them…..”

“Look at Me, child.”


“Look at Me.”

“Okay, Lord. I am;
I’m looking. But,
what about these
Lord? Why can’t I
be like them?”

“You are Mine, child.”


“Who will be Successful,

“You will, Lord?”

“WHO, child?”

“You will be Successful, Lord.
You will.”


“Now read My Word, child.”

“Okay, Lord:

Then Moses stretched out his hand
over the sea;
and the Lord drove the sea back by
a strong east wind all night, and made
the sea dry land,
and the waters divided.
And the people of Israel went
into the midst of the sea on dry ground,
the waters being a wall to them on their
right hand, and on their left……..
And the Lord routed the Egyptians
in the midst of the sea.
The waters returned and covered
the chariots, and the horsemen, and
all the host of Pharaoh…..
Not so much as one of them remained.”


“I feel a little better now, Lord.
I guess I’m going to bumble,
and stumble every day. But,
it’s okay, because…..
You are with me?”

“And Who is your Strength, child?”

“You are, Lord.
You are.”
I will sing to the Lord,
for He has triumphed gloriously!
[Exodus 15:1]

The Lord is my strenth and my song,
and He has become my Salvation!
[Exodus 15:2]


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